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Fruited Little Boss - Sour Cherry Beer

ABV 4.8
Style Sour Apricot Beer
Source Austin, TX
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Product Description

IBU: 7
ABV: 4.8%
SU: 50


It’s time to fancify the Little things in life, with Fruited Little Boss.

Whatever the activity, you deserve something nice. Paddle boarding with a top hat; Eating brisket off fine china; Swimming at Barton Springs with a tiara; Two-steppin' in a tux; Frisbee golf in a gown. Or, how about the physical manifestation of fancified in a can? A little sweet-like, fruit treat with a bit of refreshing sour flavor.

We’ve dressed up our beloved Little Boss and created a new, fancy series of fruited beers. The third brew of this series is Fruited Little Boss - Sour Cherry Beer. This special sour is brimful of bright and wonderfully sweet fruit characteristics that stand out from the others. A vision to behold and sustenance to sip your way through, Fruited Little Boss makes any situation worth fancifyin'.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Rich black cherry with a light tart finish.